Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let the World Series Begin!!

And away we go!

Getting to the World Series has been pretty exciting. First pennant in 71 years...awesome.

But almost every player that was interviewed on Saturday night had the same mantra, four more wins. The players are not satisfied. They want more.

 Me too.

Oddsmakers have made the Cubs a heavy favorite. You can throw that out. The games are played on the field, not on a bookie's sheet.

Through my slightly biased eyes the Cubs have the better team. Though young, they have two years of playoff experience. They know what it felt like to be swept and didn't like that feeling at all. They know how to come back. They know how to beat the ace. They know how to deal with the media onslaught.

They know how to win.

They need four more wins.

Got get them!


  1. I'm routing for the Cubs in this one. I would love to see a speedy sweep, but them Injuns have been the X Factor in these playoffs. Sort of like the Mets last year they came up unexpected and breezed through the playoffs. Should be an interesting series. Go CUBS!

  2. You're absolutely right about the odds, favorites, etc. I thought the Red Sox were the better team, then the Blue Jays... but I cant see the Cubs losing this series. The US hockey team didn't lose to Finland after the 'Miracle on ice'. The 2004 Red Sox didn't lose to St. Louis after breaking the 'curse of the Bambino'.

    The Cubs players have the right attitude and the right manager for this moment. I think they'll win, I hope they'll win...but it will be a tough series.