Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One Lonely Insert

I've got the one lonely Cub insert from Heritage Minors 2016....I think.  Of all the sets, this is the one that I mess up the most.  While I do know the Cubs minor league affiliates, it is very easy to skip over one of the teams when scanning through a checklist.  The players names are much help either since I'm not familiar with all the Cub minor leaguers.

Billy McKinney was the only Cub with an insert, being included in the sticker set.  And he's not even Cub property, being traded to the Yankees in the Chapman trade.

While McKinney was the only Cub minor league player in the inserts, two Cub affiliated mascots were also in the sticker set.


Both of these characters are with the Myrtle Beach pelicans.

With these in hand, I believe I am now officially done with Heritage for 2016.

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