Saturday, November 12, 2016

All I've Got of Him: Dexter Fowler

Dexter Fowler seems like a really good guy.  His teammates seem to like him a lot.  When he was re-signed by the Cubs during spring training and then made a surprise appearance at camp, the reaction of the players showed how happy they were to have him back.

He's a pretty good player too.  When he got on, the Cubs seemed to do well.  And hitting a home run to open game seven of the World Series was awesome.

It looks like he'll be gone to free agency again this winter and I doubt he'll go without offers like he did last winter.  The Cubs will miss his lead-off bat and his presence in the clubhouse.

Fowler wrote an interesting article for The Players Tribune.  After reading it I think you'll appreciate Dexter, too.

My Dexter card total is 15 cards.  I'm sure that there may have been more if he had signed with the Cubs over the winter instead of at spring training.  I'm guessing that there may only be a few more (like from the World Series set Topps is putting out) before he ends up with another team.


  1. I just read The Players Tribune article last night. It was a nice read.
    I wish Dex had more cards and I hope he re-signs with the club, but I'm not holding my breath. I just hope he doesn't wind up in the free agent abyss because of the qualifying offer the Cubs gave him.

  2. With your handiwork, when (or did) Dex ever wear 21 for the Cubs? Or is that the airbrush special Topps did to hustle him into their early products because he was actually wearing Astros gear? Both the Bowman and Topps cards have him in 21, and I remember your post about the airbrushing they did over the Astros gear.

    1. He wore #21 with the Astros, so when Topps photoshopped from an Astro to a Cub they didn't change his number, even though the Cubs already had a player (Junior Lake) wearing #21.