Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another Rule Following Relic

I've added another rule-following relic, though it's a bit of a rule-bender, too.

My relic rule is that I want to have one relic card for any Cub player that has a relic card that shows them as a Cub during a season they played for the Cubs.

Here's my latest:

Ben Zobrist, World Series MVP, certainly played for the Cubs in 2016 and this card is from 2016.  Things get a little dicey with the "shows them as a Cub" part. He's a Cub but he looks like a Padre.  Plus, the relic is not your usual Cubbie blue or white with a blue pinstripe.  Instead it's Padre poop brown.

Technically this meets the rule and that makes it player #77 in the collection.  I do have hopes, though, that a better Zobrist relic will appear in 2017.


  1. His cap says 'Cubs' on it. I'd say it counts, but just barely.

  2. Pretty good chance there'll be one next year. I guess anything that's Cubs and says 2016 is good.

  3. Ben has an appearance scheduled for a Riverman hockey game here in P-town the Saturday after Thanksgiving. $30 gets you a ticket to the game, a quick meet and greet with Ben, and an auto. Two days ago we were alerted that due to contractual issues he would only be signing 8"x10" photos, which were going to be supplied by the event. I was pretty bummed. I had one of those bike cards Topps put out for charity, which I thought would look sweet with an auto.
    "Contractual Issues"? I know that won't stifle the chances of a relic card next year, but it makes me curious about future autograph cards.

  4. "Contractual issues" could be a smoke screen for 'World Series MVP' and 'World Series Champion' which makes that ($2,000) appearance fee seem like peanuts and likely substantially multiplying the line for the hockey game. 8x10s keep the line moving. Having to exchange items and talk about the double 1,500 times over could cause that ($2,000) to not be up to snuff.

  5. He is at a show today actually I think charging 139 an auto so that 30 deal is a steal even if they provide the 8x10!