Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Cardless Pitchers

There were 26 different pitchers that took the mound for the 2016 Cubs.  Almost half, 12, have Topps cards this year.  That means there were 14 cardless Cubs pitchers.

One of them already has a card as a position player...Miguel Montero pitched in a blowout game against the Mets in July.

I still made a card.  Look at the grin on his face!

Of the remaining 13, seven pitched in ten or fewer games.  You can't expect a card for them.




The two with the most appearances were either released or traded during the season.


The other four made between 10 - 20 appearances.  The most noteworthy would be Mike Montgomery, who made the final pitch of the season for the Cubs.




  1. As long as Carl Edwards Jr has a card then everything is O.K.

  2. I don't see any way Mike Montgomery isn't in Series 2 and Heritage, at the very least, next year. Agree?