Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Topps MUST Make a Card Like This (But Probably Won't)

My favorite moment of the World Series was the final out.  A dribbler was hit to Kris Bryant.  He charged the ball to make the play and had an amazing smile on his face.  He knew that he was going to be a World Series winner as soon as he picked up the ball and threw it to first.  He looked like a kid getting ready to open presents on Christmas morning, with that big anticipation smile.

It was a great moment.  It was a moment that should be on a baseball card.

Topps doesn't have staff photographers any more.  All the images on their cards come from Getty Images.  I went to the Getty site, hoping to find a shot with smiling Kris.

Alas, there were no pictures of him smiling as he fielded the ball.  No Getty Image picture means no Topps card.  There are several of him smiling and celebrating after the out was made.  But those are too cliche.

The best I could do is use a screen shot from the Fox broadcast.  With that, I made this:

That grin is from just as he is about to reach down for the ball.  It's a great look.  I wish I could find a picture with better resolution, but I guess that this will have to do.

A smile that knows that 108 years of frustration are about to disappear...awesome!


  1. I loved that expression as well. What a great moment!

  2. I'm a little surprised that the Topps now phenomenon didn't pounce on that image idea. You'd think if they were getting "the moment"...but I guess someone has to be in the right spot to shoot it...