Wednesday, November 2, 2016

For All the Marbles!

This is what I was hoping more win and the Cubs are the World Series Champ.

It was quite a game last night. Taking an early lead and never looking back....good.

Bryant homers and three more hits, Russell six RBIs, Rizzo smacks one, too....awesome.

Bringing in Chapman in the seventh....hmmmm.

So tonight, Hendricks on full rest vs. Kluber on short rest for the second time. The Cubs need to score early and often and then the Cleveland bullpen becomes irrelevant.

It will be a nerve-wracking night.


  1. hmmmm is right. I didn't want to bring Chapman in at all last night with a 5+ run lead, because I was worried about how effective he might be heading into Game 7.
    I know Strop made it into the game last night, but he and Rondon seem to be ghosts lately. Maddon doesn't seem to have much faith in anyone but Chapman and to an extent Montgomery.
    Tonight will be fun ... but stressful!

  2. Oh man. This could be the greatest game any of us Cubs fans will ever see.
    Or t just may continue the sadness. One win. It's time.
    This game will be rough to watch. Stress on every pitch.
    Go Cubs!