Tuesday, November 8, 2016

..And Now We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program....The 2016 Update Cubs Inserts

What a week!  Actually, what a few weeks!

But with the Series won and the season over, its time to get back to my regular postings.

Update arrived during the playoffs and while I had a short post with the regular cards, I haven't yet shown the inserts.


 Two of the 20 players on the 500 HR Futures Club were Cubs.  I really don't see either of these two making it to 500, but Topps and I can dream.  I think Kris Bryant has the best chance of any current Cub to make it to 500, but Topps left him out.

Bryant and Rizzo got All Star Access cards, though Addison Russell is prominently featured on Rizzo's card.


These Fire cards are kid of cool looking and including these two was a wise decision.


There weren't any Cubs cards in First Pitch from series on or series two, but two made it in Update.

The Rookies set has 20 cards and was available in packs only from Walmart and Target.  The Walmart card is on the left, Target is on the right.

A blatant commercial for Franklin.  I don't recall another insert set that was a commercial.  Zobrist is the only Cub among the 20 cards.


  1. As far as advertisements, they may not be baseball cards from Topps this year, but Gatorade and Upper Deck made card sets in the 90s, including an exclusive Michael Jordan set. That was first that came to mind. Topps and Bazooka in the 2000s, or was that a flat out set?
    Also, it was weird seeing that Bryant card from the All-Star game, going into a dugout predominantly with Mets in the foreground, giving high-fives. Given the 2015 history, it's an interesting take.

  2. In case you don't know, like some of the other random insert sets the last few years, there are parallels for the 500 HR Futures. So you may have to look for the silver and gold versions. I got the red Rizzo and silver Bam Bam in today.

  3. The Fire insert cards are my favorite, but I really enjoy the rookie cards of Schwarber. I love the '93 design.

  4. I was at both games for the first pitches!

  5. I pulled the Zobrist Franklin card from an update pack a week or two ago. I was excited to see him, but the dawning comprehension that I was holding an advertisement in my hand, not a baseball card, soured that.