Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Black Holes

I've been working on completing the Cubs set of Topps Walmart Black cards from 2009 since, well, 2009.

That was the year I started this little blog, and I was jumping head first into everything.  When series one came out, I grabbed all the Cubs.

The series two cards were much tougher to find.  Not many were showing up on Ebay and I lost interest.

About five years later I finally decided to complete the set.  I was able to round up most of the cards from series two and update.  But two cards have proved elusive.

For the past 16 months, this is what my collection has looked like:

Those two gaping holes are killing me!

For reasons I don't understand, the 2009 Walmart black cards of Lou Piniella (#410) and Mike Fontenot (#449) have vanished from all known sellers.  These black cards have vanished through a black hole.

I've been checking all my usual sources weekly and have come up empty.

Please let me know if you ever run across either!

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