Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Grandpa Was A Kid

David Ross has been on my radar for just the past two years.  I know him as the gray-bearded Grandpa Rossy.

But Grandpa used to be a kid.

This came to me via one of the most generous bloggers out there, P-Town Tom (of the newly renamed Eamus Catuli! blog).  He emailed me a couple weeks ago and said he had an extra Ross certified auto.  He needed one and found a second at a price too good to pass up.  He knew the card didn't meet my certified rules (the card is from 2004, long before Ross became a Cub), but wondered if I'd like it anyway.

Some rules are made to be broken, and I gladly accepted Tom's generous offer.  Certified autographs of a back-up catcher are rare, if they exist at all.  There was little chance Ross would make it into my certified collection.

But I have additional Cub autographs besides the certified cards.  This will be a great addition to that group

Thank you Tom!!!

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  1. You're most welcome! You have the most complete Cubs collection I know of and I'm always happy to fill a gap to help you keep that title.