Thursday, March 14, 2019

2019 Heritage Cubs Inserts

I've already shown a few of the Cubs 2019 Heritage inserts: the candy lid, booklet, and Super.  Today I've got the rest.

Javier Baez is a New Age Performer

Baez is also included in the Then and Now set.  The connection between Bench and Baez is that they were both league leaders in RBIs.  Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot of similarities between the two.  Also, that Bench picture is not from 1970.  The uniform and his hair length say mid to late 70s

Rizzo is in the Scratch Off set.  I'm not going to scratch this one, but if I get another card, I'll be scratching away!

The Cubs also had one card in the original set.  Glenn Beckert was finally given some insert attention.  As with just about everything in Heritage, Topps was close but no cigar.

Bryant is the lone Cub in the cloth sticker set.  The 1970 set was never actually issued, it was just a test set.  Few of them have survived and the ones that have are very rare and very expensive. 

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