Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Heritage 2020

Now that I'm finished with Heritage 2019 I can turn my attention to 2020.

The 1971 design it noted for its black borders.  The borders are notorious for chipping, which makes NM copies hard and expensive to come by.  Time will tell if the Heritage cards have the same issue.

When working on making a 2020 Heritage version, I found a picture of Kris Bryant in similar pose.  I decided to use that for my card and to put Bryant in Shea Stadium.  Here's what I came up with.

I was pretty proud of my effort, and then had a DUH! moment.

I've got Bryant in a home uniform at Shea Stadium.  That's the type of mistake that I'd be all over Topps for if they did the same thing.

I moved him to Wrigley, circa 1970.

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