Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's Opening Day 2019!

And away we go!!! Let's get the second title in four years!

The Cubs open the season on the road again this year, for the fourth consecutive season.  My guess is that with all the off-season Wrigley renovations, the Cubs asked to have their home opener a little later to give the construction work a little more time.  This year's work is supposed to wrap things up, so maybe their 2020 opener will be at home.

To celebrate the Cubs opening day, I've got their all time opening day lineup. The lineup features a majority of the players from the '60's and later. That seems odd to me, considering the long history of the Cubs. In fact, of the entire lineup, I have seen all but three (Hartnett, Grimm and Pafko) of them play (and I'm not that old).

Pitcher: Fergie Jenkins, 7 Opening Day starts.
Jon Lester is making his fourth start today.

Catcher: Gabby Hartnett, 12 starts
Willson Contreras is making his third Opening Day start


First Base (since 1900): Charlie Grimm and Mark Grace, 12 starts
Anthony Rizzo makes his seventh opening day start.

Second Base: Ryne Sandberg, 13 starts
David Bote is making his first opening day start.

Shortstop: Shawon Dunston, 11 starts
Javier Baez makes his second opening day start, his first at shortstop

Third Base: Ron Santo, 13 starts
Kris Bryant makes his fourth opening day start

Left Field: Billy Williams, 10 starts
Mark Zagunis is making his first opening day start.

Center Field (since 1900): Andy Pafko, 7 starts
Albert Almora is making his opening day debut in center field

Right Field: Sammy Sosa, 12 starts
Jason Heyward makes his third opening day start in right field.


  1. Great idea for a post. Maybe one of these days I'll borrow it and try it out with the Athletics.