Monday, March 4, 2019

First Heritage of 2019

I've got some of the non-Brentandbecca Heritage starting to arrive.  These are a couple of the inserts that are retail only.

Anthony Rizzo is one of the 15 candy lids.  The originals were a test only, and just one Cub was on the checklist, Fergie Jenkins.  The 1970 lids are rare, expensive, and not in my collection!

Kris Bryant was included in the Super box loader set.  The 1970 original Supers were a stand-alone set, not an insert.  


Ron Santo and Billy Williams were in the 1970 set and they are a part of my collection.


It was hard for Topps to mess these up since there isn't anything to them except a picture and an autograph.

I guess we can say that the backs are close, but no cigar.


  1. The Super box toppers are nice. And as much as I have been ragging on Topps and their inserts, I've got to admit the candy lids are interesting.

  2. I guess we've learned that for whatever reason Topps does not strive for 100% fidelity to their original designs.