Tuesday, March 12, 2019

2019 Heritage Cubs

My Heritage order has arrived!

The are 24 Cubs cards in the base set of 500 cards.  The 1970 set has 29 Cubs among 720 cards, so those totals are pretty close.

Just about every Cubs you'd expect was included.  The five starters are there.  Four from the bullpen made the set.  Everyone in the outfield was included.  The starting catcher is in the set.  The only notable missing player is Addison Russell.  I'm sure Topps backed away from him because of his suspension.

Here they are, starting with the regular cards.



Two Cubs have All Star Cards...


The League Leader Cards include two Cubs, also.



  1. I love the awkward Hendricks card pose.

  2. Are they not doing high number series?

  3. I assume they are. It comes out later in the summer.

  4. I had to look twice, but the Javy base card, he resembles Jeter just a little bit in the look the way he is turned. Not a bad comparison if their careers play out in parallel!