Monday, March 18, 2019

Goodies From P-Town Tom

This surprise package arrived last week. You can see that it was the recipient of some of the post office's special handling.  Luckily it was packed well and nothing was damaged.

The sender was one of the most generous bloggers out there, P-Town Tom of Waiting Til Next Year.  Over the years Tom has sent me several unexpected boxes and his generosity is greatly appreciated.

And what was inside?

He sent me a note wondering if some Cub-themed products were available in my neck of the woods.  The answer is nope - its all Tigers junk stuff around here.

How about some Javier Baez sunflower seeds?  And if the seeds make you thirsty?  You can wash them down with...

... some Ron Santo beer.

Tom also included a couple of other items...

... a pin-card set from 1996 and...

... this window decal from the 1970's.  I actually had these as a kid.  I got them from the Cubs when I wrote and asked for team schedules.  What a cute Cubbie Bear!

Thank you Tom - again!! - for your generosity!!!!


  1. You're welcome. I bought a six-pack and split it up into a half-dozen Cubs care packages... I'm glad the Michigan temps didn't freeze it!

  2. cool, sometimes veering from the cardboard is a good thing.