Tuesday, March 31, 2020

2020 Topps Cubs Team Set

The 2020 Topps team sets are out and I've got my Cubs set.

The set has the customary 17 cards.  Like Opening Day, the set can give us a peek at some series two cards.

Five of the 17 in the set are players that we've not seen yet in either series one or Opening Day.



I wonder what sort of checklist deadline Topps has with these.  Castellanos and Zobrist were free agents and the chance of them re-signing with the Cubs was pretty slim.  Seems odd that Topps decided to include them in the Cubs set.  Darvish, Happ, and Heyward will all be in series two.




The rest of the cards are ones we've seen in series one or Opening Day.


  1. Topps didn't give Castellanos a Cubs card in the 2019 update set. I'm cool with including him in the 2020 set just to get a card of him in pinstripes. He was a huge part of our team in the second half of the '19 season. This reminds me of of the small challenge I had in finding Gary Gaetti in Cubbie blue. He was a big boost in the second half of the '98 wild card season. Topps never gave him a card. My team set didn't feel complete without a Gaetti so I think I tracked down a nice looking Donruss card to add to my Topps collection.

  2. I haven't noticed the team set appearing at Target in the last couple of years. I wonder if they've just become online only?