Saturday, March 28, 2020

Looking Ahead to Heritage 2021

Yesterday I wrapped up my look at all the Cubs card from Heritage 2020.  Moving forward, lets take a peek at what Heritage will look like in 2021.

The 1972 design is up next for Heritage.  It was (and probably still is) the funkiest of Topps designs.  It just screams early '70s.  I didn't like it at all back in 1972 and I didn't buy as many cards as I had the previous couple of years.  Since then the look has really grown on me and it is now one of my favorites.

The set was Topps biggest to date, with 787 cards.  The massive size allowed several subsets, the largest of which were the...

... In Action cards.  I wonder how Heritage will deal with In Action?  Heritage has a much smaller set size and there are six more teams to deal with now.  Every In Action card means one less player card.  Maybe they will make In Action an insert set.  I hope they go that direction and not a short-printed variation card.


Here are my mock-ups of both the base card and In Action.  I put base card Bryant at 1970s Wrigley Field.  The In Action card is at Wrigley today.

The 1972 set has a feature that is unique to the Cubs and if Heritage reproduces it, I may have to spend a bundle.


There were four Cubs players got got some extra green on the team name.  Compare the bottom of the C and S and on the card on the right you'll see green instead of yellow.

Here's my Bryant card with the same treatment.

If Topps reproduces this error in 2021 Heritage, I'm sure they'll make those cards super short prints.  Having to chase four of those could get very expensive.


  1. Were there similar font coloring errors for all the teams, or just the four Cubs?

  2. I got all the '72s in 1972 except for Bill Russell.

    One thing I don't like about them is not having the positions on the front.

  3. I agree that I wish it had the position on the front, but I still love the 1972 design. If Topps reproduces it as well as it did with the 2013 minis, I'll love it. The "In Action"s really should be part of the regular set, and if this means the set is bigger, so be it. I also hope that in High Numbers they use the "Traded" stencil design instead of just putting players on regular cards in the new uniforms. (I guess free agent signings can get regular cards.)