Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Rest of the 2020 Heritage Cubs Inserts

Cub players were included in most of the insert sets, though the overall number of Cubs is down from the past few years.

I'm happy to see that Topps used era-appropriate pictures of Fergie.  They both look to be from 1970 or 1971.


The Baez card is from the Bazooka insert set.  The Billy Williams is from 1971.


Here's another side by side the the Heritage Scratch Off for Kris Bryant and the real deal from 1971. 


 The 1971 Super set was pretty easy to duplicate for Heritage.  How hard is it to have a picture and an autograph.

I get two Cubs on one sheet or Tattoos.  I mirrored the scan so you can see what it would look like if you stuck it on your arm.  The Williams tattoo is from the 1971 set.

Two Cubs made the Heritage set.  Billy Williams was one of three Cubs in the 1971 set. I don't have any of the 1971 cards as they run for around $100 each.  The picture is borrowed from Ebay.


  1. $100 each? That's insane!
    Vogelbach has a tattoo and I read the odds on pulling any tattoo from a pack is 1:727. I can't imagine what the odds are of pulling one of the "Game's Greatest Moments" cards would be. Wow.

  2. I was waiting to see if you had the '71 Greatest Moments. That's big-time collecting if you have one of those.

  3. Those 71 Greatest Moments are awesome! If I ever win the lottery, I'd track down the Munson or any of the A's on the checklist.