Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Autographed Cards of the 1984 Cubs

 As mentioned yesterday, I have completed my quest for autographed cards of the eleven main members of the 1984 Cubs team.  

Bolstered by some spring training and mid season trades, along with a new manager, the 1984 team won 25 more games than the 1983 team.  Their 96 wins were enough to take the NL East title by 6½ games.  It was also the first season that saw the Cubs top the 2 million mark in attendance. It was an amazing summer and got even better when the team won the first two NLCS games, played at Wrigley Field.... and I'll just leave it at that.

I ended up with seven certified autographs, which is a pretty decent number for a team that played 15 years before certified cards became a thing.   

The four I went the non certified route were Larry Bowa, Ron Cey, Keith Moreland, and Jim Frey.  The only certified autographs for Larry Bowa show him with the Phillies.  Ron Cey does have some certified Cubs autos, but the ones listed on eBay are going for $50 and up.  I went with a non-certified $5 version.  There is a Panini certified Cubs card for Keith Moreland, but since it is Panini, the card is logo-less and lists him with "Chicago."  No thanks.  Finally, Jim Frey's certified cards show him with either the Royals or Orioles.


  1. Love this project idea! Congrats on completing it!

  2. I have this auto project complete all with 84 Topps and Topps Traded. Thought about trying to get the whole team set, but the Sanderson, RIP, has been elusive. Not all my cards are certified either but certainly look legit.

  3. I love the Millennium Marks, but that Ryno is throwing off the Topps infield.