Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Keith Moreland Autograph

 A little while ago I mentioned that I had autographed cards of most of the main players on the 1984 Cubs.  I never went after the entire group since I already had signed baseballs by those players.  

But after a little digging I discovered that I was missing just two of the main eleven from that team. 

Now make that missing just one. I looked into Moreland's TTM history and saw that he was not very good at signing.  So I went the eBay route and picked this up for less than seven bucks.  There were a few different ones for sale and I opted for the Donruss Diamond King from 1986.

The only 1984 starting position player that I'm missing is Larry Bowa.  He looks to be a very prompt TTM signer, so I mailed a card to him last week.  Hopefully it will arrive soon and then I'll have the 1984 team taken care of.

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