Saturday, June 3, 2023

Comparing the Main Brands - 1990

 Year - 1990

Main Brands -  Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Upper Deck

Number of Players Included Among All the Sets: 35

Players Included in Every Set: 20

After two consecutive years with a new brand added, in 1990 we have the same five brands as the previous year.  Keep in mind that I'm just using each company's flagship brand.  That is why I didn't include a new to 1990 product, Donruss' Leaf.


  1. Lots of memories here, very cool!

  2. Topps clearly wanted to be 1989 Donruss. 1990 Donruss is horrible. Score just had too many border colors. Upper Deck was slightly improved but there is a darkness to their photos. Fleer was probably the best looking set. But these set pale in comparison of five years before.

    There is a strange sameness that prevails over these cards (they all look the same)

    The best looking card is probably Fleer Dunston and then Upper Deck Dawson -- I know UD has Sandberg in the air buts its more of an odd card than a good looking card.

  3. I like my 1990 Topps Doug Dascenzo better...

    Seriously though, I love this series you're doing. It's great to see all these cards again.