Thursday, June 8, 2023

Looking at the Heritage 2023 Backs - The Autographs

 Facsimile autographs returned to Topps cards in 1974 after a two-year absence.  But, for the first time since 1953, the autographs were on the back of the card.

Specifically, they were on the top right side of the card.

This should be easy for Topps to duplicate on the 2023 Heritage cards, right.


Below are two columns with the signatures on the 22 Cubs cards.  Can you figure out the difference between the two?

See the difference?

The signatures on the left side are the actual signature of the players.  The ones on the right are fake.  While it is nice that they are actually legible, they are just typed up using some sort of signature font.

How is it that Topps doesn't have signatures of these guys on file?  And knowing that the 2023 Heritage set would require signatures, why didn't they try to get them?

This is just another example of Topps cutting corners and making an inferior product.  Boo


  1. Fake Autograph Sigs by Topps - Very Interesting

  2. Unlike in the old days (see the Billy Williams card), the signatures of today's players are illegible chicken scratch. There's really no point to Topps including facsimile autographs these days.