Monday, February 12, 2024

2023 Bowman's Best Cubs

 Here's a 2023 set that was released in 2024... Bowman's Best.  Clearly this is not their best effort since the set came out in the wrong calendar year.  I guess that doesn't matter any more, but to me, it should.

The set has 70 base cards and 30 more in a prospect set.  


Three Cubs made the base set.  Didn't Topps know that Matt Mervis wasn't living up to the hype?  Why include him, especially in a set with such a late release date.  Justin Steele would have been a nice addition instead of Mervis.

Matt Shaw is included in the prospect set.  He was the Cubs #1 pick in the June, 2023 draft.  

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  1. I could not tell you the difference between Bowman's Best and Bowman Platinum. I bet a lot of other collectors couldn't either.