Monday, February 26, 2024

The Billy Rainbow Has Gotten Much Bigger!

 I wrote in this post on January 10 about a fantastic Billy Williams rainbow gifted to me by reader Tim.  He gave me 18 of the 34 different cards from the 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary set.  It was by far my biggest Billy rainbow to date.

But why settle for 18 when there were many out more versions out there.  I owed it to Tim to get as many of the 34 as possible... or at least that was the excuse I used to go on a buying binge!

I was able to come up with an additional twelve cards, bringing my total to 30 of the 34 cards. 

Here's what I've got. The ones in bold came from Tim and I picked up the others.

Black & White Mini-Diamond Refractors (Lite only)
X-Fractors (Hobby and Lite only)
Prism Refractors (retail only)
Blue Prism Refractors (retail only)

Aqua Lava Refractors (/299)
Yellow RayWave Refractors (/250)
Blue Mini-Diamond Refractors (/199)
Platinum Toile White/Blue Refractors (/199)
Speckle Refractors (/150)
Blue Atomic Refractors (/100; retail only)
Fuchsia Atomic Refractors (/100)
Platinum Toile Cream/Fuchsia Atomic Refractors (/100; Hobby only)
Red Atomic Refractors (/100; Hobby only)
Green Wave Refractors (/99)
Platinum Toile White/Green Refractors (/99)
Platinum Toile Cream/Rose Gold Refractors (/75)
Rose Gold Refractors (/75)
Rose Gold Mini-Diamond Refractors (/75)
Gold Refractors (/50)
Gold Wave Refractors (/50; Hobby only)
Platinum Toile Cream/Gold Refractors (/50)
Platinum Toile White/Orange Refractors (/25)
Orange Refractors (/25)

Orange Wave Refractors (/25; Hobby only)
Black Refractors (/10)
Platinum Toile Cream/Black Refractors (/10; Hobby only)
Platinum Toile Cream/Red Refractors (/5)
Red Lava Refractors (/5; Hobby only)

And the ones that I'm missing:
Gold Prism Refractors (reported just 15 copies, retail only)
Red Prism Refractors (reported just 10 copies, retail only)
Red Refractors (/5)
SuperFractors (1/1)

You can see that I'm missing some relatively rare ones.  I have saved eBay searched for each, but I doubt I'll ever see any of them.

The 30 cards make a nice 5x6 mosaic and below that if a GIF with all of the cards. The cards in both the mosaic and the GIF are shown in the order as listed above, in case you want to figure out what each looks like.


  1. How cool! I love seeing the rainbow and slide show. Very pleasing to the eye! I just noticed on the toile versions in the slide show the drawings of players in the background, it's a nice feature.