Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Rest of the 2024 Series One Inserts

 I've got the final four Cubs inserts today.  There is just one Cub in each of these four sets.  And as I mentioned yesterday, it will be the same three guys we saw yesterday, Sandberg, Morel, and Crow-Armstrong.

Morel has this card in 2023's Greatest Hits.  His hit was a walk-off three-run homer against the White Sox on August 16.  

More Morel here, from Heavy Lumber.  And yes, I paid more than I'd usually pay for a card, but I can't have any holes in the collection, now, can I?

Ryno is the lone Cub in this 26-card set.  I hope this doesn't come off as ghoulish, but is Topps overdoing the Sandberg cards because of his cancer diagnosis?

The last of the four is the only player in the Stars of MLB set with a career batting average of .000.  I'll have more tomorrow on this card and what I think is a odd Topps mistake with the entire set (and I'm not talking about including Mr. .000).


  1. I don't understand why Topps does the Stars of MLB cards so poorly in regards to calling people stars when they either aren't or haven't proved themselves. They called Michael Busch a Star of MLB last season (his first appearance in MLB), and he had 72 ABs and a .167 batting average. I know that Crow-Armstrong has promising minor league stats, but Topps does this way too early with players.

  2. The inserts seem like a waste - I rather get regular cards of 40-man roster relief pitchers than inserts

  3. "Is Topps overdoing the Sandberg cards because of his cancer diagnosis?" Sandberg's announcement was way too recent for Topps to plan something for Series 1. Topps is always so late to the game... this has to just be coincidence.