Friday, March 1, 2024

Stars of LMB??

 Did Topps do this on purpose or did someone screw up?

For years the general Topps trend for numbering insert sets is to use the initials from the set and then add the card numbers.  The Heavy Lumber cards are all numbered using HL- then the card number.  2023 Greatest Hits use 23GH-.  This is a logical way to number the cards.

The Stars of MLB insert first arrived in 2022.

Topps used SMLB- for the card designation.  Fine, perfect

The 2023 cards used the same thing.  No problem.

But look at what was used this year.

They switched up the L and M and used SLMB instead of SMLB!  Is this an intentional switch?  And if so, why???  


  1. A case of dyslexia not caught. I wonder if they have caught it yet? Could this end up being an UER? UGH on TCDB their checklist has 3 or 4 of these dyslexic cards. No UER markings yet, either no one has flagged it as a UER or amin over there is waiting to see if Topps fixes stuff.

  2. Maybe it stands for "Little Mistake Boy"

  3. OPC variations? In French it would be "Ligue Majeure de Baseball". OK, that's a heck of a stretch, but if Topps wants to save a little face, that should be their story!

  4. It's like this on some cards in the set and "SMLB" on others. Numbering with letters will always get ya.