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Eighties Alphabetically - Boardwalk and Baseball

 This 1987 set came out the same year that the theme park Boardwalk and Baseball opened in Haines City, Florida.  The park wasn't new, but a renovated and reimagined Circus World.   Clowns, acrobats, and elephants were out and batters, pitchers and Royals were in.  In addition to the theme park, the site added a ballpark that was used by the Royals for spring training and their Class A team during the regular season.

The theme park was not successful and closed after being opened for just three years.  Eventually, the rides were sold, the property was sold, and several large stores are now on the property.

The set of cards was just a one and done.  It was made by Topps and has features 33 stars of the day.  The boxed set was sold at the theme park.  Two Cubs were included.


There is a more scarce version of each card that does not include the slash between the two B's inside the white circle.

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