Monday, March 4, 2024

Nothing Until May?

 It looks like things might get a bit slow around here for a while.

I looked at the schedule of upcoming baseball card releases and the next one that I collect is Bowman, which is schedule to come out on May 8.  

I don't get it.

Spring training is underway.  Regular games starts in less than a month.  Fans start getting excited about the upcoming season, and Topps has nothing until May 8.  Wouldn't you want to be getting things out at the start of the season?  

Last year Topps Opening Day, which was usually an early release, was killed and replaced with Big League.  The release date for Big League was March 31.  Since its not on the release schedule, has it been killed too?

I went back and looked at the 2019 release dates, the last pre-covid year.  Heritage came out on February 27.  In March we got Opening Day and Gypsy Queen.  Bowman was in stores on April 17.  May 15 was when Big League showed up.  So that's five products while in the same time frame this year we get one.

Heritage is the biggie that is missing from the schedule.  I've seen release dates mentioned online of March 13 and March 24.  But nothing official has come from Topps.

Maybe Topps is delaying things so that they can show the players that got traded or signed as free agents with their new teams.

Yes, sure, of course, that's it. 


  1. I do like having a complete set of players around opening day. With Topps being 2 series that never happens.

    With opening day set though same - At least you the top 200 players or so and some rookies. (Plus you saw series 2 cards) I thought that the cool

    With Bowman you get 70 vets and 30 rookies -then prospects it is a niche I dont collect anymore. I used to like the format before 2008ish

  2. This may have just been announced, but Big League is scheduled to be released on March 27.

    1. Good to know, thanks! Hopefully they'll make an announcement soon on Heritage.

  3. Maybe they're hoping we're still chasing 2023 Bowman's Best or Stadium Club? Weren't they released in January or February?
    Here's a crazy idea! Topps should take one of those sets and skip the 2024 release that would hit shelves in Jan/Feb of 2025 and instead release that product as a 2025 product that hits shelves in March or April.

  4. What about the factory team sets,it seems like they would be out by now.