Thursday, February 22, 2024

2023 Stadium Club Cubs

  I'm a little late to this party since the cards came while I was away from home.  Of course, I'm not as late as Topps was since this 2023 set was released on January 24, 2024

Ten of the 300 cards belong to the Cubs.  If everything was equal among all the teams, they all should have ten cards.  I doubt that that is the case.

These are the two HOF Cubs that were included.  It makes for the fifth consecutive year that both Banks and Sandberg have been in the set.  Additionally, Sandberg was in two other sets, meaning he has been a part of Stadium Club every year since the first time they started including retired players. Maybe its time to come up with some other Cubs legends.

This card of Bellinger is the only one of the eight active Cubs that is vertical.  The others are horizontal, which means that I either have to turn my head or the binder to look at the cards.

Stadium Club is noted for the photography, but can't they do something original for each card?

These are the rest of the active Cubs, although Stroman is now a Yankee.


  1. Sharp cards. I like borderless cards--more room for the image!--and horizontal ones, too.

  2. At quick glance I thought the Assad and Wesneski cards were the same card for a second. Would have been nice to at minimum change the angle a bit.

  3. I'm still not sold on the Wrigleyville uniforms, but that is a pretty fine looking Christopher Morel card.