Wednesday, June 19, 2024

2024 Series Two Cubs

 I picked up the series two Cubs last week and the seller shipped them promptly.  I bought the set on the 15th and it arrived on the 18th.  That's pretty quick to go from South Carolina to Michigan, so kudos to the USPS for that.

There are 16 Cubs cards, 15 players and one combo checklist card.







Among them we have...
  • 12 cards with home uniforms, though three of the twelve are the ugly City Connection version
  • Four with road uniforms, split two and two between the grey and blue tops
  • Only two with a horizontal orientation
  • All of the players included are still in the Cubs organization, though Madrigal and Canario are in AAA and Tauchman is on the IL

1 comment:

  1. I really like the Madrigal photo selection.
    I noticed Busch's card has his position as 2B. I wish Topps would hire team specialists to advise on things like this. A large majority of Busch's defensive time in the minors came at the keystone, and he did play 2B for the Dodgers in 2023, but only 9 innings there. Once he was acquired by the Cubs anyone who followed the team knew he was going to given quite a bit of leash at first.
    Thanks for posting S2. It's my first look at them!