Tuesday, June 11, 2024

2024 South Bend Cubs Team Set

 As I mentioned yesterday, we were doing a bike ride in South Bend.  I saw that the 2024 South Bend Cubs team set was now available, so we took a side ride to the Cubs Den and I picked up the cards.

The set has 39 cards... 1 checklist, 4 staff members, and 34 players.

Choice made the cards as they have for all of the other SB Cubs sets.  The backs have something I haven't seen before.

There is a QR code to get up to date stats on the player.  That is a pretty nice feature.  Right now there are eleven other Choice minor league sets on TCDB and just one of them has QR codes on the back.


This is the header card with a checklist on the back.



These are the cards for the manager and coaches.


















Will we see any of these at Wrigley Field in the next couple of years??

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  1. I'm a little surprised Brennen Davis is in the set. He started the year at South Bend, but only played 8 games there before jumping up to Iowa.