Friday, June 21, 2024

Series Two Me vs. Topps

 I created homemade cards for all of the 2024 Cubs, which means I had cards out before Topps did with several players in series two (it's not all of the series two players because many of them got cards in the factory set.

I'll give myself the win because I show him in a home uniform.  I also show him as a fielder instead of using the same boring pitching shots that Topps overuses.

I win because any card that shows the City Connect uniform is an automatic loser.


I win because I used an actual picture instead of a photoshop job and I have his position correct, too.

I'll take this one as I use a personality shot instead of a batting stance.

My card has him coming home after his first career home run.  How can you top that?

My card is an automatic winner because I went vertical instead of horizontal.


Another win for me as I show the home pinstripes against a beautiful blue sky while Topps does the the ugly CC uniform again.


My win again as I show the fun personality of Shota and Topps resorts to Photoshop.

Its another case of a non-pitching shot against the standard throwing picture.

I'll call this a tie as there are two decent looking pictures of Mastrobuoni being used.


I win because I did mine first! The two pictures look to be from the same game.   Topps cropped theirs a bit tighter.

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