Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I Add These To My Cubs Collection

Although my Topps Cubs collection goes back to 1951, my complete Topps sets start at 1969, the year I first started collecting. That leaves me with a bit of a knowledge gap on the non-Cubs from 1951-1968. That also means I get to learn and see new things.

So when I saw Jim Marshall's card from 1960 and 1961, it was a bit of a shock. Marshall had been with the Cubs in 1958 and 1959 and had a Cubs card in the 1959 set. The irony here is that the '59 card has a picture taken at Yankee Stadium, obviously from his time with the Orioles.

Before the 1960 season he was traded twice, by the Cubs to the Red Sox and then from Boston to San Francisco. The second trade was late in the spring, which is why Topps has him with Boston.

But really, that's not a Red Sox hat. It's blue and you can even see the red C. And the grandstands behind him are most definitely the upper deck at Wrigley Field.

But that isn't nearly as bad as the 1961 card. Let's see, blue hat, blue pinstripes, and a brick wall in the background. Just paint a really bad SF on the hat and voila, a San Francisco Giant! That is one bad looking card!

So we've go two cards, with pictures taken at Wrigley Field, with a player in a blue hat. Sure seems like they should be Cubs cards.

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  1. The blue Giants cap is great. Topps has done some classic air-brush jobs but this one was definitely just phoned in.