Friday, April 8, 2011

Topps Heritage Side by Side: 1962 / 2011

Each year I like to take a close look at the originals and the Heritage cards to see how Topps did.

Topps did a fairly decent job reproducing the original cards. About the only difference I found is that the lettering for the last names on the '62 cards seems slighty fatter than on the Heritage cards. It just seems odd that Topps couldn't come up with an exact match for the font.

You can see on these two the difference in the lettering on the last names.

There were 23 Cubs in the 1962 set, including three hall of famers. I don't think any of the 16 2011 Heritage Cubs are heading to Cooperstown.

The '62s included four rookies (including one white star), while the Heritage set had three rookies (and one white star).

The Cubs had an All-Topps Rookies in both sets, so that was cool to see. I like the big trophy from the old days better than the modern cup used today.

The Rookie Parade also included one Cub each time.

Here is what the '62 team card looked like. It's too bad Topps didn't make one for the Cubs in Heritage. That was a real disappointment.

It would have been ok for Topps to leave a Rays hat on Garza, ala this Bob Buhl card.

Here's a couple of catchers

The two third baseman. One thing I've noticed about Heritage is that you rarely see a position player posed with his glove; its almost always with a bat. They need to get more of these cheesy fake fielding poses.

That should give you a good taste of the two sets. And your favorite of the two is...??


  1. The 2011 Topps Heritage set looks different this year. They come closest to any other Heritage set at matching the original. I think it has something to do with wood bordered design and the little picture flip at the bottom left hand corner of the card.

  2. I am with you on Team Cards. I always like them. Topps seems to start and stop them in their regular sets, the Heritage sets need to include them and remain true to the original.