Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's Play Two...Let's Make Two

I recently decided that I wanted more cards of a few Cubs greats. A package from Nearlymint brought me a boatload of Sandbergs and Dawsons. Inspired, I thought I would go for more of Ernie Banks and Billy Williams, too.

My plan was to head to Sportlots and grab as many cheapy commons of Ernie from as few sellers as possible. I found nearly 50 cards that could be had from only two sellers. I snagged them!

My Ernie Banks collection is now over 150. The more I've gotten, the more I noticed a problem with collecting an older player. Photos, especially color photos, were limited. That means you see plenty of repeated photos on different cards.

So in honor of Ernie's famous, "Let's Play Two" line, lets see two of the same Ernie Bank photo!

We'll start with Topps. which really had no excuse. Ernie was an active, star player. They certainly should have been able to come up with different pictures.

The rest of these are from various releases. starting in the mid-'80s. In some cases, the photos are doctored a little. But you can see among the cards that the same photo was used.

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  1. Nice Banks. I love the one with the 1960 Yankee Stadium All Star Game