Monday, April 25, 2011

I've Been Discovered

I had an interesting conversation yesterday at our family Easter gathering. My blog has been discovered by my brothers.

I've got three brothers, all White Sox fans. Older brother was saying he needed my phone number earlier in the week and googled me to get it. In addition to my phone number, he found a hit for Wrigley Wax. He sent an email to my two younger brothers, telling them to take a look. Youngest brother writes,"I wonder if Paul ever replies at that site?" And then, after checking the site a little more writes again, Holy Crap, that is Paul!"

I guess I never mentioned to them that I have a Cubs card blog. I wasn't trying to hide it, but I figured there wouldn't be too much here to interest Sox fans that don't collect.

But now I have three new readers....and I have to watch what I say, too!

I needed a card to go with this post, so I dug through the old family photo album and put this card together.

The picture is from 1971. It's fuzzy because mom took the picture and that was not one of her specialties. I'm on the left and younger bro #1 is on the right. I'm 9 years old and he was 8. We were both on the Rockets in the Oak Lawn Baseball for Boys minor league. My dad was the team's manager, hence the MGR on his hat. We played our games at Gasteyer Park; Steve over at White Sox Cards should know exactly where that is.

Here is a bit of irony....older brother is in the middle. He was 12 and in Little League, and his team was....The Cubs!

And younger bro #2, sorry, but he was too young to play ball, so he misses out.

Hope you enjoy the blog, boys! Got any comments to add??

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