Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Post Office Finally Got Me

The good news: A Rick Sutcliffe autographed card, from Topps' 2004 Signature Series.

The autograph is on a 1985 card, which means the photo is from 1984, the Red Baron's Cy Young season with the Cubs. It was a wonderful summer, with Sutcliffe and his 16-1 record leading the Cubs to the post season for the first time in 39 years.

The bad news: This is what the card came in....

along with the original, dreaded, plain white envelope.

I guess it was bound to happen. I've bought thousands of cards over the past three years, and the law of averages says an envelope will eventually be messed up by the post office. I'm ok with that.

What bothers me is that I paid the seller $3.00 for shipping. If I pay $3.00 for shipping, then I expect $3.00 worth of shipping. But instead of a bubble mailer, I got a PWE with two stamps on it. That's not even a dollars' worth. I really don't like a seller inflating the shipping costs. I've emailed the seller and asked for a refund of $2.00. We'll see what happens there.

Luckily the card survived pretty much intact. But to me, that's not the point. Again, if I pay $3 for a service, I expect $3 worth of service.

Anyone else have any PWE horror stories??

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  1. Back when I was getting started in autograph collecting, I did a lot of emailing to Studio Fan Mail. If you've not heard of it, they send out photos with preprinted signatures from several different stars. One of the photos I wanted was Bob Saget. I emailed his SFM address, and the photo arrived in short order... in the dreaded plastic bag. Literally a quarter of the photo was gone! Thankfully, it wasn't a real autograph, or I'd have had a cow. I believe that was my only expierience with the PO plastic bag. Now I've probably jinxed myself.