Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sammy's Getting Pretty Cheap

I saw this card starting $0.99 and figured it was at least worth seeing how far the auction would go.

It's a nice looking card from Fleer's Tools of the Game 2004. There's a decent pinstripe and the card is numbered. This is #80/250. Well, it seems as if Sammy's cards are getting pretty cheap, because I picked this up for less than $3.00. I bet it went for a lot more than that in 2004, when the Cubs were coming off the near-miss pennant and Sammy had passed the 500 homer mark.

By the end of 2004 Cubs fans had grown tired of the Sammy show, and they still don't hold the team's all-time home run king with much regard.

That just means I can find some Sammy bargains!


  1. I have noticed the lack of interest in Sosa as well. I bought a few 60s cards off eBay and a bunch of 1990 Score including the rookie card of Sosa was used as packing material. Granted it was 90 Score, but still Sosa's rookie is surely worth more than nothing.

  2. Sammy as packing material...Wow!