Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One More From 2010

I guess I missed a Cubs card from last year!

It was pretty easy to do. The missing card is one of those manufactured hat logo cards. And the player was Rogers Hornsby. So why did I overlook it? Because I, like any knowledgeable fan, think "Cardinals" when the name "Hornsby" shows up on a checklist. After all, the guy played 70% of his career games with the Cardinals and only 14% with the Cubs. Yet for some reason, Topps keeps including his as a Cub. This is the sixth card from 2009 and 2010 that feature Hornsby as a Cub.

Anyway, this is what the card looks like.

And its got a mistake, a big-time mistake. And you would think Topps would know better, but then again, maybe not. The mistake is the patch. The big wishbone C patch. The big white wishbone C patch. The Cubs have never worn a white wishbone C, ever. Just look at the hat in the picture; red C. Click here and you can see what their uniforms looked like during the four seasons Hornsby was with the Cubs. No white wishbone. There was an alternate hat with a white C, but not a wishbone C.

So Topps, please, hire me! I will be your Cubs proofreader and keep you from making more of these ridiculous mistakes.

Together, we can be accurate, and do this instead:

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