Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Archives Cubs

Before I get to the cards, my thoughts on Topps Archives...

....200 cards in the base set, and only three Cubs. 200÷30=6.67 The Cubs got only half of their allotment. Boo!

...The cardboard is waaayyyy to flimsy. The originals were a much thicker, stronger stock. Boo!

...As always with these reprint type sets, Topps hasn't come up with an exact duplicate of the original. It's always very obvious to me that the cards don't match the originals and I can't stand the mismatch. Boo!

...two Cubs out of 41 in the All Time Fan Favorites is ok, and even better, one of the two is Bill Buckner! Yea!

...only one Cub out of 50 in the reprints. Boo!

...Still no Topps love for HOFer Ron Santo. He was included in all three years of the original All-Time Fan Favorites, so its not like Topps hasn't done him before. But I don't understand why they haven't included him in this or any other 2012 product yet. Boo!

That's five Boos and only one Yea. Not good.

Now the cards.

Matt Garza, 1954 design

Geovany Soto, 1971 design

Starlin Castro, 1984 design

All-TIme Fan Favorites, Shawon Dunston, 1990

All-Time Fan Favorites, Bill Buckner, 1982

Reprint, Fergie Jenkins, 1967


  1. Just curious, could there be a "rights" issue with Santo? Would Topps necessarily have the right to use his image? It just seems so odd that he's disappeared from the card world, especially with his HOF status.

  2. the Padres also got the shaft on Archives cards. only two in the base set, and they're not even playing on the team this year (Mat Latos & Heath Bell). i know there's basically no star power on the Pads, but even Gypsy Queen threw in more Friars than Archives. at least we had a few of the reprints (Gwynn, Winfield, and Ozzie Smith). but you'd think a team w/the history of the Cubs would have have better representation. of the few packs that i ripped, almost half of the cards were Yankees or Red Sox. double boo.

  3. I liked the inclusion of Dunston, thought it was different. But Madlock as a Cub instead of Pirates would have been good. What about some Grace love? Or Sutcliffe? Definitely fits the fan favorite category.

    While I love Sandberg cards, I'm glad he got a break in this set aside from the auto. Banks too. Spread the love.

  4. Overall, I like the set. But yeah, where are more Cubs? Santo and Grace are big oversights! Where is Billy Williams? I guess there are no Cubs fans working for Topps.