Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tile Tuesday: All the Upper Deck Cubs

Many of you seemed to enjoy when I combined all of the Topps Cubs, and I had some requests for more brands.  Today I'm introducing Tile Tuesday.  Each week you can expect to see a tiled version of a whole bunch of Cubs cards.  I'll kick things off with the Upper Deck Cubs.  Since UD had just 22 years of releases, I've put them all together with one post.

Right away when you look at these you notice how the photography was the focus of the card.  The card's design is hardly noticeable.  This is quite different from Topps, especially the Topps cards through the '70s.  With those, the color and the design seemed to pop out at you.  With Upper Deck, its the player.

Since Upper Deck had only a few years of update sets, I've included those cards here. All together there are 584 cards from Upper Deck 1989 - 2010.

For a closer look at the cards, click on the Upper Deck logo and you'll be taken to my Photobucket album with all of the Upper Deck Cubs.

1989 - 2010

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