Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Series Two Inserts

Pretty slim pickings here if you're looking for Cubs.

Golden Moments: Cubs score 2/50

Castro's Golden Moment: An eighth inning homer that accounted for the only run in the Cubs 1-0 victory over the Pirates on August 3, 2011.

Sandberg's Golden Moment: A walk-off hit in the 13th inning against the Pirates on July 1, 1991.  It looks like the Cubs can only have Golden Moments against Pittsburgh.

Gold Standard: Cubs score 1/25

Ernie helps set the Gold Standard by getting his 1,500th RBI on September 12, 1969.  

Historic Stitches: Cubs score 1/23

I should have shown this on on the day I showed the cards I picked up for the player collection, but I kinda forgot about it.  Sorry!

Framed Silk: Cubs score: 1/100

This one came with my shipment from brentandbecca and it will go into my growing Darwin Barney player collection.  It's my first silk card.  I wasn't too sure what these looked like.  I actually thought the silk part would be full sized instead of a mini-card.  These are numbered to 50 and mine is #3.

1987 Topps Minis: Cubs score 0/50
Gold Future: Cubs score 0/25
A Cut Above: Cubs score 0/25
Mound Dominance: Cubs score 0/15
Career Day: Cubs score 0/25
Team Rings: Cubs score 1/30...shown last week
Retire Number Patch: Cubs score 2/24...shown last week
Gold World Series Pins: Cubs score: 0/ would help if the Cubs had a World Series appearance in the Topps era!

I won't bother with the relic and autograph cards.  There's too many different variations of these to keep track of.


  1. Banks, Sandberg, Dawson. Banks, Sandberg, Dawson. Enough already! Change the record, Topps.

  2. Check out the Banks Auto/Relic Gold Standard card #/10 in completed items on eBay. Notice anything weird about it? I'll let you know what the back says when I get it...

  3. 3000 hit nice of Topps to find another 417 hits for Ernie.