Monday, June 25, 2012

The Penguin #11

A few weeks back I had a post that discussed how certain numbers bring to mind certain players.  Night Owl mentioned that #10 for him would always be Ron Cey.  Then there was some friendly banter about Cey being #11 (his Cubs number).  Night Owl then responded with a fact that I wasn't aware of.  When Cey signs Dodger items, he includes a "10" inside his R, but on items for other teams, he just signs his name.

Well, was the Penguin ashamed of his time as a Cub?  Does he respect Don Kessinger and Ivan DeJesus (previous Cubs #11s) so much that he won't add "11" to his Cubs cards?

I picked up this card for a $1.29.  And just like Night Owl said, there is no uniform number in the signature.....yet.  Time to fire up the Photoshop...

....and let the Penguin give his time with the Cubs equal billing.


  1. For $1.29 you could probably just actually add the 11 to the card.:)

  2. I missed the friendly banter part! I left a comment to Night Owl about Cey being #11 but didn't know he followed up. Is there a way to see if something you left a comment about gets some kind of response?

    I'm pretty sure I have a Ron Cey with #11 signature some place. A hunting I will go...

  3. Underneath the box that you type in your comments is a link that says "subscribe by email." If you click on it you will get an email any time follow-up comments are made.

    1. Thanks! Do I have to click that each time I post or now that I've done it, I'm good for your blog going forward?

  4. I believe that you'll just get emails for comments on today's post. If you want notification from comments on future posts, you'll have to subscribe when you leave a comment.

  5. (*it's not real Night Owl. It's not real. It's not real*)

    Good luck finding a Cey with a signed 11. He is too proud of his time with the Dodgers. He won a World Series with them you know (*ahem*)

  6. What is this "World Series" thing you mentioned? I'm not familiar with it.