Monday, June 11, 2012

Cloth Stickers: Archives vs. Originals

Although Archives included several different inserts that mimicked inserts from the '60s and '70s, a Cub was included in only one of them.

Starlin Castro made the list for the cloth stickers.

These are to supposed to mirror the original cloth stickers that Topps sold in 1977.  The originals were not inserts in baseball cards packs, but instead were sold in separate wax 

They copied the Topps 1977 design, but the checklist had only 55 players.  Two were Cubs.

Jose Cardenal was still sporting the giant fro, but in 1977 he was no longer a regular.

Bill Madlock wasn't even a Cub in 1977.  The reigning two-time NL batting champ was traded to the Giants for Bobby Murcer in February, 1977.

When I put the original next to the Archives reproduction, there was a glaring problem.

The "Cubs" on Castro's card is waaaayyyy too small.  Its not even close to the size of the original.  Look at all the space between the "Cubs" and the yellow flag.  Terrible.


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  1. Makes you wonder why Topps doesn't compose this stuff right from the original designs.