Friday, June 29, 2012


I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to baseball.  I don't like change!  But I'm also a realist and I can at least accept change....for the most part.

You'll never get me to accept the pajama pants look on the players today.  Instead, they need stirrups!  In my mind...

...this is what a baseball player looks like.  Mickey's 2012 card shows him wearing his pants and stirrups properly.  His pants come down to his calf and are bloused perfectly.  He shows just the right amount of his white sanitary sock.  Not only could he play well, but the Mick knew how to wear a uniform too.

Mickey's card #7 is on the first page in the 2012 Topps binder and as I was looking over the set, his stirrups caught my eye almost immediately.  I decided that I would look through the entire album for any other players in stirrups.  I didn't find many.

Jason Vargas is wearing stirrups, but he needs an asterisk by his name.  He's got on a throwback uniform and the stirrups he's wearing are those fake, sewn in sock type that were worn in the '80s.  I don't consider them real stirrups.

Mark Reynolds is wearing stirrups, but you have to look real carefully to notice.  There is just a hint of his sanitary sock showing.  He needs to pull the stirrup up higher and show more white.

I found two more players in stirrups and they both happen to play for a certain Chicago team!

Reed Johnson always wears stirrups, so that's the good news.  He just needs to pull the stirrup up a little higher and his pant cuffs down....there's too much blue showing and not enough white.  But I probably shouldn't quibble; at least he's wearing stirrups.

My guy Darwin Barney comes the closest to matching the Mick in stirrup style.  He just needs to pull the pant legs down a little bit lower and show a little less of the blue.  Otherwise, very nicely done Mr. Barney.  Unfortunately, Barney doesn't wear the stirrups any more.  Maybe that's why his hitting has tailed off a bit.  Darwin....dress more like Mantle and maybe you'll hit like Mantle!


  1. If Barney starts hitting like Mantle you better be ready for a 50 game suspension! :)

  2. When you tell these players to pull down their pants legs lower or to show more white on the socks, I can't help but hear, "And you kids need to stay the hell of my lawn, too!"

    Seriously tough...I don't care for modern pants. The pajama bottoms used to draw fines, but I guess I should be glad that the players don't wear their pants low, too, like the kids do.

  3. I don't like the modern, baggy pants to the ground look either. Too me it just looks sort of sloppy. Then when players wear the high socks, or the stirrups with the pants leg up too high it contrasts with most of the players wearing the "no exposure" baggy pants.

    On a similar note, I'm all for the fielders wearing sun glasses on bright sunny days, but come on you need to wear them properly over your eyes not resting on your cap's brim.