Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tier One Darwin Barney

Topps Tier One is one of those fancy products that I usually steer clear of.  It's too expensive for me (over $100 for a single three-card pack!) and the checklist is too short.  I usually like something that has a team set of at least seven or eight players.  Plus, there isn't even a base set of cards; it's all autographs or relics.

But.....since I've added a couple player collections, I thought I'd try to cherry-pick a few autograph cards.  Today, my first success...

....Darwin Barney.  He's on the "On the Rise" checklist...nice to see him included there.  Every Tier One pack has one of the "On the Rise" cards in it, along with a "Crowd Pleaser" autograph and a relic card.  You can see that mine is numbered /235.  It set me back only ten bucks.  

Since every pack has an "On the Rise (OTR)" card in it, I can use the checklist to get an almost exact number of packs of this that were made.

The OTR checklist has 94 different cards (not 94 players since several players have more than one variation).  They are all numbered between 50 copies and 395 copies.  However, three of the cards, Allen Craig, Gordon Beckham and Bryce Harper, don't have numbers listed since they have to be redeemed.  But I added up the number of cards for the 91 other players and got a total of 15,865 cards.  

There are also OTR parallels: White ink /25, Silver ink /10, and Gold ink 1/1.  That adds 36 cards for each of the 94 on the checklist, another 3.384 cards.  Add that to the 15,865 and maybe another 75 for the three redemptions and you get a total of 19,324 cards...and 19,324 packs of Tier One.

If you'd like to check my math, here is the entire On the Rise checklist, with the players and the number of base autograph cards.

OR-AJO Adam Jones
OR-AA Alex Avila 235
OR-AO Alexi Ogando 75
OR-AC Allen Craig Redemption 
OR-AR Anthony Rizzo 235
OR-ARI Anthony Rizzo 235
OR-ACH Aroldis Chapman 75
OR-BR Ben Revere 235
OR-BRE Ben Revere 235
OR-BP Brad Peacock 350
OR-BPE Brad Peacock 350
OR-BBE Brandon Belt 235
OR-BM Brent Morel 235
OR-BA Brett Anderson 235
OR-BAN Brett Anderson 235
OR-BL Brett Lawrie 50
OR-BH Bryce HarperRedemption
OR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez 50
OR-CS Carlos Santana 50
OR-CH Chris Heisey 235
OR-CHE Chris Heisey 235
OR-CSA Chris Sale 75
OR-CKE Clayton Kershaw 50
OR-CR Colby Rasmus 75
OR-CK Craig Kimbrel 50
OR-DBA Daniel Bard 235
OR-DBD Daniel Bard 235
OR-DHU Daniel Hudson 235
OR-DE Danny Espinosa 235
OR-DB Darwin Barney 235
OR-DG Dee Gordon 75
OR-DH Derek Holland 75
OR-DM Devin Mesoraco 75
OR-DME Devin Mesoraco 75
OR-DP Drew Pomeranz 75
OR-DST Drew Stubbs 75
OR-DS Drew Storen 75
OR-DA Dustin Ackley 50
OR-EN Eduardo Nunez 75
OR-ENU Eduardo Nunez 75
OR-EH Eric Hosmer 50
OR-FF Freddie Freeman 50
OR-MST Giancarlo Stanton 50
OR-GG Gio Gonzalez 50
OR-GB Gordon BeckhamRedemption
OR-HN Hector Noesi 315
OR-IN Ivan Nova 75
OR-INO Ivan Nova 75
OR-JDA J.D. Martinez 350
OR-JDM J.D. Martinez 350
OR-JA J.P. Arencibia 75
OR-JAR J.P. Arencibia 75
OR-JP Jarrod Parker 235
OR-JK Jason Kipnis 75
OR-JW Jemile Weeks 235
OR-JWE Jemile Weeks 235
OR-JH Jeremy Hellickson 50
OR-JM Jesus Montero 50
OR-JPA Jimmy Paredes 350
OR-JPR Jimmy Paredes 350
OR-JG Johnny Giavotella 395
OR-JJ Jon Jay 235
OR-JN Jon Niese 235
OR-JWA Jordan Walden 75
OR-JZ Jordan Zimmerman 235
OR-JR Josh Reddick 350
OR-JRE Josh Reddick 350
OR-JTE Julio Teheran 235
OR-KSE Kyle Seager 395
OS-KS Kyle Seager 235
OR-LM Logan Morrison 50
OR-MB Madison Bumgarner  50
OR-MTT Mark Trumbo 50
OR-MTM Mark Trumbo 50
OR-MMO Matt Moore 75
OR-MP Michael Pineda 75
OR-MT Mike Trout 50
OR-MM Mitch Moreland 350
OR-MMR Mitch Moreland 350
OR-NE Nathan Eovaldi 395
OR-NF Neftali Feliz 75
OR-NW Neil Walker 235
OR-PG Paul Goldschmidt 75
OR-RD Randall Delgado 395
OR-RR Ricky Romero 75
OR-SP Salvador Perez 350
OR-SPE Salvador Perez 350
OR-TW Travis Wood 235
OR-TC Trevor Cahill 75
OR-VW Vance Worley 355
OR-VWO Vance Worley 355
OR-WR Wilson Ramos 75
OR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 50
OR-ZB Zach Britton 50


  1. Rumor has it that there is quite a bit of interest from other teams in Barney. Do you think he'll be with the Cubs next year?

  2. I sure hope so...I've got a lot invested in him! Truthfully, I don't think they would get enough in return to make it worth moving him.

  3. I don't have quite as much invested in him but he is one of my favorites.

  4. I like this set. Picked up the Daniel Hudson the other day.


  5. I have 2 serial #191 of 250 of the elevated ink autograph. Is there errors in the serial numbers in this set? If so, is there any extra value or could this be a bigger overall set issue?

    1. Are they the same player or different players?