Saturday, June 30, 2012

Barney Heritage SSP Prices Have Gone Wild!

Here is an update of the price of the Darwin Barney Heritage SSP No Position Card.  I've been keeping track of all the ebay sales of the card since Heritage was released in March.

From March 17 through May 6, fifteen copies of the card were sold at an average price of $88.95.  But since then, the market has dried up and prices are going wild.  Only three have been listed since May 6 and they were all Buy It Nows.

The first one was listed on May 19 at a BIN of $110.  I thought that was a bit high and that the card would sit there for a while.  I was wrong!  The card sold within three hours of being listed.  After that there was a Barney drought of 35 days before this BIN popped up.

The BIN price was $325.  I thought that while one of these hadn't been seen for a month, this seller was greedy and crazy.  And again I was wrong.  Within two days it was sold.  The seller and the buyer haven't posted feedback for each other, so I can't see who paid a price triple the average.

Three days later another BIN/BO was listed, with a price of $299.00.  As best as I can tell (I've got the ids of all but two of the buyers), the seller wasn't a flipper trying to cash in on the market blip.  

The cards sold the same day, though the seller took a best offer of $200.00, But that's still double the average price.

If either of these buyers wanted to save some cash, they could have gone over to Sportlots.  There's been one of these sitting there for a couple months, at $150.00.  I figured the Sportlots seller was being greedy, but now it looks like he's got a bargain.

The recap:  As of this morning, a total of 18 Barney No Position cards have been sold on ebay, at an average price of $109.40.  Keep in mind, though, that the average price on the last three is almost double that,  $211.67.

EDIT: After I wrote and scheduled this post Friday afternoon, another card was listed.  This one, though, is an auction.  It'll be real interesting to see how high it goes.  Just be careful if you bid on the card.  The seller has only one feedback and the picture being used is lifted from this auction.  Scam?


  1. That's crazy. Get yourself a nice vintage card for that kind of money.

  2. Now I know why my last purchase of a Heritage pack was 3 years ago.

    Topps needs some competition or this will only get worse.