Friday, June 22, 2012

Series Two Vs. Factory Team Set

Now that series two is out, we can see what changes Topps made from the earlier released factory team set.

Of the sixteen Cubs in series two, ten were also a part of the factory team set.  I'll start with the cards that remained the same...the factory card is on the left, series two on the right

Technically, this one was changed; the factory team set card is cropped a little tighter that the series two card.

Too bad that Topps didn't give this one a second try on with the photoshopping. 

That's it for the no-change cards; only three of them.  In past years there have been more identical cards.  I guess its nice that Topps is changing things up between the sets.

Here are the seven players that had their factory team set card changed in series two.  Again, the earlier card from the factory team set is on the left (or on top) and the series two card in on the right.

Darwin Barney goes from a standard play at second to superman flying through the air.

Two swing shots of Bryan LaHair.

A home and a road shot of Carlos Marmol

Two different road poses for Alfonso Soriano

Wood gets a bit intense in the series two card.

A couple different photoshop jobs for Paul Maholm

A pretty bad and half-way decent photoshop effort for Ian Stewart.


  1. Nice comparison. I think they did a much better job on Series 2 with the exception of Marmol. I know they're celebrational but those 4th of July hats are hideous. At least Barney makes a cameo. I'm also a sucker for a horizontal card so Factory set wins that matchup.

    Bad photoshop aside, the Barney card is probably the worst of the bunch from the factory team set. What's with the cropping? Can't get the full glove or his right elbow?

  2. I think changes were just for select teams this year, because the Rockies are identical. Last year, there were 3 variations out of 7 Series 2 cards for Colorado. Maybe Topps just can't decide on a shot and when it's 50-50 they go both ways.