Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barney Rainbow

The Darwin Barney collection continues to grow.  Along with his base card in series two, there were the usual parallels.  Here are five looks at the flying Barney.

Base version

Walmart blue border

Target red border

Black border, numbered to /61.

Might as well include the silk card, too.

Let me get back to the black card.  By being numbered, we know that there are exactly 61 of these, period.  So far, seven have been sold on Ebay, at about $10 each.  I paid $9.99 for mine.  The sales represent 11% of all the possible black cards listed over 2½ weeks.  And right now there are none listed for sale.  Has the supply dried up already?  Where are the other 54? None are on Beckett or Sportlots (though you can't track past sales on those sites).

If only a few more of these show up later on Ebay, to me, a $10 price seems pretty low (not that I'm complaining). Compare that to the Barney no position SP from Heritage.  It is unnumbered, so we have no idea just how many of them are out there.  Sixteen have been sold on ebay for an average price of $90 and its been over a month since one has been available.  The last one sold was listed on May 19 as a BIN and it went for $110 within three hours of being listed.

All this leads me to think that Topps may actually be undervaluing cards by numbering them.  The unknown quantity of the unnumbered SPs may get collectors to pay more for a card, since you really don't know if there are more or less of these out there.  I'm seeing the same thing with the unnumbered Bryce Harper #661 card.  As of yesterday afternoon, 86 have been sold on Ebay and another 11 were active auctions.  That makes 97 copies of an "SSP" card on Ebay alone.  That's a whole lot more than the seven Barney numbered black cards.  And the Harpers are going for at least $150 each.

Now I don't expect that Darwin's cards would go for the price of a Bryce, but man, it seems like there are a lot of this supposed "SSP", more that you might think, at prices higher than make sense.


  1. I have 13 of the 61 Luke Hochevar series 1 black cards. I've been able to buy all but one that were listed on ebay (so I've encountered 14 total). Each one has gone around $10. I'd say that for players like Hoch who have a small fan base and aren't superstars, the serial numbering is a good thing for their cards as it lifts an otherwise $1 card (like the rest of his series 1 rainbow) into the $10 range.